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KOTD - #Mass2 - Hollow vs Pat - May 15th -

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The main event of Massacre 2 pits the best battler in America, Hollow Da Don, against the greatest Canadian to step in the ring, Pat Stay.

Ask any seasoned fan of battle rap and theyll tell you that Hollow Da Don is the best to ever do it. The Queens emcee has been part of some of the most iconic battles in history, bringing legendary performances that showcase his devastating lyrical ability and dynamic showmanship. His freestyle aptitude allows him to steal the momentum from his opponent spontaneously, and his dry sense of humor has made him a fan favorite in front of live crowds as well as the online audience.

Hollow has stayed active throughout his career, cementing his legacy by battling the toughest competition all over the country, including battle rap megastars like Charlie Clips, Hitman Holla, Tsu Surf and Loaded Lux. He also faced Joe Budden on Eminems Total Slaughter league, scoring a judged win over the industry rapper in 2014.

His KOTD debut will be against Nova Scotian giant Pat Stay. The veteran was long considered the greatest to come out of Canada even before he won the leagues title and defended it three times. He too brings a versatile skill set, with enough aggression to hurt his opponents feelings but balancing it with enough charisma to keep fans on his side while doing it.

In a rare set of circumstances in battle rap, Pat and Hollow have already stood across from each other in the ring in a battle last December on a league in the U.K. that wasnt able to see the event through to the end. Regardless of the issues with that battle, the two rappers proceeded to put on one of the years best one-round clashes, demonstrating their massive talent.

KOTD knew that the battle needed to be redone so fans could get the full, three-round match-up they deserved.  So on May 15, the two legends will stand across from each other again, to finish the battle in its right place, on King Of The Dot.



Date: Sunday May 15th 2016
Location: Middle East Club - Cambridge, MA
Start Time: 2pm EST (Subject to change)
Order the LIVE PPV at:


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