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Blackout 6 - Things to know


Are you travelling to Toronto for Blackout 6 this February? Here is some information
about dates, times, hotels, transportation & more.

Date: Feb 19th-20th 2016
Venue: 99 Sudbury
Address: 99 Sudbury St, Toronto, ON
Age: 19+ With ID
Day 1 Doors Open at: 7pm
Day 2 Doors Open at: 7pm

Physical Tickets Available at:
Play De Record - 357A Yonge Street / Toronto, ON

KOTD Title Match: Illmaculate (Champion) vs Rone (Contender)

BO6 Battlers Announced So Far:
Pass / Iron Solomon / Knamelis / Caustic / Brigante / Serius Jones / Head ICE / Carter Deems / Jay Rell / BIg T / Gjonaj / Dizaster / Skelly / Arsonal / T-Rex / Charron / TheSaurus / Lexx Luthor / Psycoses - More match-up announcements coming soon!

Blackout is a mystery event where KOTD only announces individual battlers, ultimatly sparking conversation between hundreds of thousands of fans around the world on who is battling who. The intrigue of the mystery match-ups gives Blackout a certain mystique unlike any other battle event.

To top it off the best current & up and coming battlers in the world are invited, a KOTD title match headlines the event and some of your favorite celebrities just might shop up, who knows.


99 Sudbury - 99 Sudbury St - Toronto, ON

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Hotels near 99 Sudbury (Blackout6ix Venue)

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Transportation: Taxi, Uber, TTC Subway & Streetcar

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Best Places to Eat & Things to do in Toronto

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