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#BATB Free PPV - What you need to know


Tonight we kick off with Day 1 of KOTD - Battles at the Bunker in LA. GZ Battles have been on an uprising swing since 2016 kicked off and tonights card is another testament to that statement. You can expect a lot of stand out performances as these battle rappers look to strengthen their name and expand their fanbase on their way to the KOTD main stage. 

Gz Battles: Day 1 Line-Up

Profecy vs Cali Smoov
Derez vs Sam Kolt
Erik Foreman vs JeFFrey
Robo vs Dunsh
Afta vs Klutch

To help give these battle rappers a better look from KOTD fans around the world, the event will stream LIVE on Pay-Per-View for Free at www.kotd.tvThis the perfect chance for you to experience one of our LIVE PPV events if you've yet to watch one before!

PPV start time: 7pm PST
Where can you watch:
Compatible Devices: Computer, Smart TV, Smart Phone, Gaming Console, Phone, Tablet.

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