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About Us

King Of The Dot was created in a back alleyway behind Yonge and Dundas square in 2008. With an intention to provide a platform for rappers that did not have one. Battle rap has been behind the scenes for years , as hip hop changes in the mainstream  , KOTD and other leagues alike strive to embrace true lyricism. In the highest caliber possible, KOTD provides artists the opportunity to Battle and test their witts in front of large audiences around the world.

 More than 8 years & 450,000 subscribers later, KOTD has evolved into the largest, most iconic international battle league in the world. Thanks to our incredible following and the high-level of talent seen in this league, KOTD has quickly become the most desirable battle stage on earth.

KOTD Apparel is more than merch , it is a statement , a uniform , a symbol to the world that we dont f*ck around. Coming from nothing but an idea you can create your dreams.

This very exclusive apparel is made in small batches and most is never made again, What you are purchasing is most likely a 1/8 to find out more just hit us up. 

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